Thursday, 10 March 2011

Be careful what you wish for...

So, me and my pals have a ridiculous blog, purportedly examining the wilderness the city provides us. How does Mother Nature react? She parks a giant owl outside my window, making a mockery of the mockery we are intending to make! Turnabout! Dammit, that's just wrong!

Let's be clear, I think it was an owl. The coloring was unfamiliar, and it didn't make any cartoon owl sounds, but the head looked right, and, well, I want it to be an owl. We've been spectacularly unscientific so far, and I'm not messing with that record. The iPhone would have been hopeless, and the little camera got a tight enough photo to prove it wasn't a plastic bag caught in the high branches, but that's it. Now I have to keep my binoculars near, in case some other beast parks it's keister in my sightlines. Good play, nature, but I'm sure you'll have to sleep sometime.

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